Vai style for the 'stuck-in-a-rut' player

10 Vai style licks - no whammy, 7 string guitar or 24 frets required!

This Vai style pack is made for the average guitar player, without whammy bars or 7 strings, or 24 frets and all of that. These are 10 impressive sounding licks that any guitarist at an average level, can learn to improve their playing.

The licks are taught at half speed, and broken down into bite size pieces, before being joined back together. Once you have learnt the licks, Riff Axelerator will help you to increase your speed, and the Tempo Log helps you to track your progress.

Once you have learnt all 10 licks, we have supplied a challenge to play all 10 licks against the drums. The tempos for the challenges are supplied at several tempos from 50 bpm with through to full speed, so you can find where you are at, and strive to those higher tempos.

Your Instructor

Andrew Farnham
Andrew Farnham

Anybody who sees Andrew play will think 'fluid'. His specialty is helping people to play with as little tension as possible.

Andrew began playing Clarinet at the age of 9, Saxophone at 12 and got his first Guitar at age 13. He began teaching guitar at the age of 17. Andrew studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and recorded his first solo instrumental EP 'Wing It' in 1991.

Andrew has worked as a session guitarist for many years and has featured on many television and radio advertisements, promotional videos as well as on any number of demo albums and album releases and is one of the directors at the Independent Music in Brisbane. Independent Music are the exclusive Australian distributor of the Fractal Audio & Atomic Amplifire products.

Lick packs included with Purchase

Vai Style 11 - Putting it all together
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 02
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 03
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 04
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 05
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 06
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 07
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 08
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 09
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 10
Andrew Farnham
Vai style 01
Accessible Vai style licks for intermediate player
Andrew Farnham

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 10 different licks
Yes it is, but the final challenge pieces all 10 licks into one monster solo played against the drums track. There is also solo drum tracks to play along to.
Are these going to be too hard for me to play?
The intention is that these are for average players to be able to learn some impressive licks. They are broken down into bite size pieces and taught at half speed. Riff Axelerator then helps you to improve your speed, but at your pace.

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