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Free Marty Friedman lick lesson! Excerpt from Dragon Mistress

I've chosen to transcribe a lick from 'Dragon Mistress', a track from Marty's first studio album "Dragon's Kiss". The lick starts off with some Sextuplet-Minor-Pentatonic runs utilizing some of Marty's classic timing and inflection. The harmonies are introduced as we continue to climb Minor-Pentatonic patterns and reach our first squealing bend. Quickly transitioning from the bend into some harmonized Diminished 7 arpeggios; the phrase ends with a few gripping bends on the 22nd fret. With just a short breath in between; the next section quickly comes and goes as we climb and turn through a C-Minor-Flat-6-Add9 arpeggio to finish it off.

The lick has been broken up into bite sized pieces reaching down to 60 bpm to help you successfully digest and play this monster of a piece. When you have the various sections down, take it into the Riff Axelerator interface to build up your speed comfortably to the full speed of 130 bpm. The harmonies are showcased as well for you to play along with. Have fun!

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Joe Gettler
Joe Gettler

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this lick free?
yes, this is a free sampler to give you an idea on what is available in the upcoming Marty Friedman lick pack. You will get to learn this lick in bite sized pieces, at a slow tempo and then you can use the Riff Axelerator interface to build up your speed. This lick also features some of Martys harmony work.

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