In the style of James Hetfield

Learn to riff like Hetfield

Learn this Hetfield inspired riff that uses the classic triplet gallop and chord slides. Once you have the lick down at 60 BPM, use the Riff Axelerator interface to incrementally work up to the full speed of 140 BPM. Use the backing drums to create your own Hetfield sounding riffs.

Your Instructor

Gregory Bolomey
Gregory Bolomey

Gregory Bolomey runs Axe of Creation, a site dedicated to showing people how to play in a range of styles from Tool to Periphery. Gregory is a rare blend of great teacher and great player, who has an absolute passion for guitar and this shines through in any of the content he creates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from this?
You will learn a Hetfield sounding riff that uses the techniques of triplet gallop and sliding chords. Once you can play this lick slowly, you can use the Riff Axelerator interface to work up to full speed. By learning this lick slowly, you will get an understanding of how the guitar fits in with the drums, allowing you to then create your own riffs.
Does this work on mobile?
Yes it does, you can work on this lesson wherever you are.
Is this a Metallica riff?
No its not. This is an interpretation of a riff that James might come up with, using commonly used techniques found in Metallica riffs.

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