06) Breakdown shuffle 01

Breakdown shuffle solo bars 1-8 (over E)

This lesson teaches you the first few phrases from solo number 3 on the track Kaleidoscope. It is a free lesson to give you a feel for how Riff Axelerator can help you to nail this otherwise difficult lick.

Here is a video of the entire pack, look out for number 6 to see this lesson:

1) Although the lick is played at 170bpm at full speed, the lesson is taught by broken down each phrase into bite sized pieces, played super slow at 60 bpm, while retaining audio integrity, so that you can really work on the nuances.

2) Once you have learnt the lick in full at 60 bpm, you can then go to Riff Axelerator to work on increasing your speed, the audio increases in speed on each loop while you simply play along.

3) If you really want results, there is nothing like public commitment. The Tempo log is essentially a comments thread which is a supportive environment where you can write down what tempo you can play at. You'll be able to look back and see your progress, and make friends with like minded people. Troy Stetina himself will be checking this from time to time.

Your Instructor

Troy Stetina
Troy Stetina

Troy Stetina is an internationally recognized guitarist and music educator.

  • Author of over 40 instructional guitar book/CD and DVD methods for Hal Leonard Corporation, including Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, Fretboard Mastery and the Metal Rhythm Guitar and Metal Lead Guitar Series, which have sold over 1 million copies worldwide.
  • International workshop clinian and music educator.
  • Former guitarist for Second Soul, released "Beyond the Infinite" album in 2011.
  • Guitarist on 2007 Dimension X "Implications of a Genetic Defense" (Unicorn Records).
  • Solo guitar artist on Troy Stetina 2000 release, "Exottica".
  • Studio music producer.
  • Guitar coach and instructor.
  • Main formative influences: Randy Rhoads, Van Halen, Beethoven, Paganini, plus all great 70s and 80s guitarists. Current Influences: Modern rock, metal, classical, movie soundtracks... "anything that's well done."
  • Formerly "Return of the Shred" columnist for GuitarOne magazine and Director of Rock Guitar Studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about this to other 'slow down' software
We are focused on 'speeding up' your abilities! Seriously though, the real point of difference is that Riff Axelerator maintains the audio quality even at the super slow tempos of 50BPM, even the drums. Try it out for yourself!
What is the Tempo Log?
The Tempo Log lets you write down what tempo you reached on a day with the click of a button and remembers it for next time. Over time you can see your improvement.
Does this work on mobile?
It most certainly does!

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