Marty Friedman pack (Fund Raiser)

Learn 11 licks across Martys career. All proceeds go to Jason Becker!

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You will learn licks from Angel, Valley of Eternity, Inferno, 11 Blue Egyptians, Canon ala Koto, Wicked Panecea and the eastern sounding run from Holy Wars.

The licks are taught in small chunks, at a slow tempo and then pieced together into larger phrases. Once you have the whole lick down at a slow tempo, use the Riff Axelerator interface to incrementally increase your speed while you play along.

The instructors in the pack include - Guido Bugenstock, Ben Higgins, Jonas Tamas, Sam Bell, James Ryan, Simon Hosford, Jimmy Lardner Brown, Joe Gettler, Guido Bugenstock, Ewan Dobson, Gregory Bolomey and Charlie Shaughnessy. To help speed up the process, Levi Clay has transcribed several licks in this pack with final approval from Marty Friedman himself!

Lick packs included with Purchase

Horrors - Ewan Dobson
"Ewan played the parts we had written on ‘Horrors’ so beautifully, with expertise and flair, Jason and I were in awe of his performance" – Marty Friedman
Ewan Dobson
Holy wars (acoustic eastern sounding run)
Play the iconic eastern sounding run from the track Holy Wars
Gregory Bolomey
Dragon Mistress
Free Marty Friedman lick lesson! Excerpt from Dragon Mistress
Joe Gettler
Excerpt from Inferno
Jonas Tamas
11 Blue Egyptians
Blues sounding lead section
Sam Bell
Main theme from Angel
Guido Bungenstock
Go Off!
It IS possible to play this!
James Ryan & Simon Hosford
Canon a la koto
Excerpt from Canon a la koto
Charlie Shaughnessy
Valley of Eternity
Excerpt from Valley of Eternity
Ben Higgins
Wicked Panacea
Excerpt from Wicked Panacea
Jimmy Lardner Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on mobile?
Any Megadeth on here?
Publishing rights is a complex process. Sony/ATV granted us the rights to use the eastern section from Holy Wars for this fundraiser pack, which we were very happy about.
Are these actual Marty licks or 'in the style of'?
These are all Marty Friedman licks, recorded by other musicians. They have been approved by the man himself, and relevant licence/permissions granted.

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