Shredded Metal

6 licks joined into in one large solo

This 12 bar solo incorporates numerous techniques including sweep-tapped arpeggios, sweep picking, alternate picking, legato playing, right-hand tapping, three and four note-per-string groupings, string skipping, and octave jump. Also used are major/minor arpeggio shapes, diminished 7th arpeggios, and the natural/harmonic minor scales. It’s definitely a workout, so I’ve broken it up into six two-bar exercises to make it more manageable.

When you can play all of the licks separately, we have recorded the whole lick in its entirety at several different tempos so that you can work out where you can comfortably play the whole lick, and strive to reach the next tempo milestone. A word of warning, this pack is NOT for the feint hearted, but even if you learn the licks much slower than actually played, you will have a whole arsenal of techniques at your disposal to spice up your playing.

Your Instructor

Jimmy Lardner Brown
Jimmy Lardner Brown

Jimmy Lardner-Brown is a columnist for Australian Guitar Magazine. He is also the lead guitarist for Sydney power/thrash metal band Darker Half and thrash/death metal band Killrazer. Jimmy Graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) degree from the Australian Institute of Music. He has official endorsements with Ibanez Guitars (international) and Dean Markley Strings. He was the lead guitarist for legendary US vocalist Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iced Earth) on his 2012 Australian and New Zealand tour, for ex-Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley on their 2012 Aus/NZ tour, and for original Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno on his 2009 and 2010 Australian/New Zealand tours

He was personally chosen by world-renowned guitar virtuoso Steve Vai to jam onstage with him at his 2011 Sydney masterclass clinic. Jimmy won Best Guitarist at the 2009 'Australian Metal Awards and the 2007 'Australian Guitar Magazine Best Guitarist Competition'.

Lick packs included with Purchase

Shredded metal 07 - Join 'em together!
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 6
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 5
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 4
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 3
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 1
Jimmy Lardner Brown
Shredded Metal lick 2
Jimmy Lardner Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from this pack?
You will learn 6 shredding licks played at the blistering speed of 170 bpm. The techniques range from sweeping arpeggios, to Harmonic minor runs, to 3-note-per-string runs (played as 32nd notes), legato runs, string-skipping, 4 note per string groupings and horizontal octave jumps - its all here!
What is the 'putting it all together' part about?
Once you have learnt all of the licks, we have dedicated this lesson into learning to play them into one cohesive monster run, that fits over the backing chords. Even though the licks are killer on their own, and you will get plenty off ideas and inspiration from these. You will also learn how to join smaller licks into bigger ones - which is the secret to create long flowing runs.
Why is this one cheaper than the others?
There are no backing tracks on the Riff Axelerator parts of this pack. It is just lead guitar while you are learning. There are backing chords when you piece it together into the larger solo, but we felt that it should have a lower price point than other packs that have had production in drums and backing guitars.

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