Learn to add some of Vai's style to your playing. These licks sound harder to play than they actually are, and there is no need to have a 7 string, a floating trem bar or 24 frets! We wanted this pack to help the average player and not be excluded if they don't have a Jem.

These licks are short (2 bars in length), so that you can easily learn and remember them, but most importantly, you can take the key idea and add it to your playing.

Your Instructor

Andrew Farnham
Andrew Farnham

Anybody who sees Andrew play will think 'fluid'. His specialty is helping people to play with as little tension as possible.

Andrew began playing Clarinet at the age of 9, Saxophone at 12 and got his first Guitar at age 13. He began teaching guitar at the age of 17. Andrew studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and recorded his first solo instrumental EP 'Wing It' in 1991.

Andrew has worked as a session guitarist for many years and has featured on many television and radio advertisements, promotional videos as well as on any number of demo albums and album releases and is one of the directors at the Independent Music in Brisbane. Independent Music are the exclusive Australian distributor of the Fractal Audio & Atomic Amplifire products.


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Available in days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Vai licks?
These are Vai-style or inspired licks for you to get some ideas to spice up your playing
Are there backing tracks for these licks?
This one only has drums for the backing. One you have learnt each lick using Riff Axelerator, the final challenge for this pack is to play all licks in sequence against the drums. We supply this challenge at a few tempo milestones, and the Tempo Log helps you to keep track of your progress.
This one is priced a bit cheaper than the others, how come?
This pack does not have backing guitars or bass, and required less time for mixing the audio and the licks are shorter at 2 bars, so we felt it was fair to point a lower price on these. Having said that though, you will learn some killer licks to have at your disposal.

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